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s5e, 9i, k7v, Lia Vee Rose | Flynn Real Estate



Lia Vee Rose Sales Representative

289 696 7653

Lia Vee Rose was born in Toronto, raised in Unionville, and has lived in several towns prior to moving to St. Catharines. Having lived here for 12 years now, she is in her fourteenth home! Lia certainly knows first-hand, what it’s like to be both a Buyer and Seller!

Lia has a degree in Interior Design from Toronto’s University of Ryerson and most recently worked in high-end furniture Sales. She owns Lia’s Home Design and over the years, has designed, decorated and home-staged many homes for her loyal clients. Lia’s sales and negotiation skills were also honed through many years as a partner in a Liquidations/Auction business. Lia’s background allows her to see houses with a more critical eye than most and she can see value in the features that others may overlook. She is known to be patient, empathetic, honest and thorough in her dealings. She is very passionate about finding the perfect home for her buyers for the best possible price!

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