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nw0, 8, o, r, n, 0l, 0, uzu, 0fq, m3w, Julie Ridgway | Flynn Real Estate



Julie Ridgway Sales Representative

905 329 5003

Julie is born and proudly raised in Niagara Falls and has thorough first hand knowledge of the Region, its people and places.  She has filled many leadership roles in her lifetime and is passionate about the people around her.  She always takes time to listen to her clients and works diligently to fulfill their needs.  Julie is also an active member of the community where she regularly lends her time and talents.

Julie is proud to work closely with her mom Roxanne Marleau as she works hard to achieve her real estate goals.  Together, Julie and Roxanne possess a powerful and ethical combination of knowledge and skill to serve all of your real estate needs.

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