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12f, eu, kg, zf, cxp, s, x7, Jon Flynn | Flynn Real Estate



Jon Flynn Broker of Record

1 888 983 5966

Jon, an accomplished and well-respected realtor with over 15 years of experience in the art and business of real estate, established Flynn Real Estate Inc. in 2012. Since then he has consistently met clients’ needs by providing commitment to quality service and satisfaction in all aspects of residential real estate.

He has finely tuned his craft by demonstrating a wide range of knowledge in residential real estate acquired from networking with professionals, builders, contractors and designers. Clients trust and seek his expertise in providing precise and up-to-date feedback on the volatile market, its trends and comparable property values.

In addition to his real estate skills, Jon has a strong background in environmental technology, that translates well into his current business model. Both require collection of date, analysis, assessment and resolution. He also makes personal and business decisions with protection of the environment as part of the equation.

A strong base of loyal clientele from both personal referrals and repeat customers, combined with his innate ability to understand and meet the unique needs of the individual have given Jon his much earned success.

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