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Niagara Falls, Ontario L0S 1K0 (22173621) | Flynn Real Estate


Pt Lt 13 Willodell Road Niagara Falls, Ontario L0S 1K0




Property Details

MLS® Number H4083813
Property Type Vacant Land
Amenities Near By Golf Course, Hospital
Features Golf Course/parkland


Basement Type None
Fireplace Present No
Utility Water None


Acreage Yes
Land Amenities Golf Course, Hospital
Sewer No Sewage System
Size Frontage 1226 Ft
Size Irregular 1226x327x315x32x214x90x113x251x2438x1813
Size Total Text 1226x327x315x32x214x90x113x251x2438x1813|50 - 100 Acres


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