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6x, n9, jl, qv, b74, wy, kks, k, eyd, a, ym, tlt, d, 8, pfu, ic, z, tej, rk6, nky, Pt 7/8 Montrose Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario L3B 5N7 (21291493) | Flynn Real Estate


Pt 7/8 Montrose Road Niagara Falls, Ontario L3B 5N7



1 Hectare (2.5 acres) building lot in rural Niagara Falls. 2 parcels have been combined to meet building requirements. The property is wooded with a stream running through the North section. Minutes from QEW, located between Schisler and Netherby. Siteplan PDF is attached to listing. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number 30775440
Property Type Vacant Land
Features Country Residential


Fireplace Present No
Utility Water None


Acreage Yes
Size Depth 410 Ft
Size Frontage 265 Ft
Size Irregular 2.5
Size Total 2.5 Ac|2 - 4.99 Acres
Size Total Text 2.5 Ac|2 - 4.99 Acres
Soil Type Clay
Zoning Description O2


Electricity Available
Natural Gas Available



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