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5, 9, u, g0, vh, ds, iq6, v6o, 5ur, Listings | Flynn Real Estate - Part 3

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For sale
27 STRIMBLE Street, binbrook, Ontario

27 Strimble Street

Binbrook, Ontario

Incredible opportunity to own a Beautiful Marz built, Cornwall model in the Fairgrounds community of Binbrook! Located on a family friendly street with 2,134 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths & gorgeous interior features; this home is set to impress! Curb appeal is outstanding with a just perfect corner lot offering tons of room for the kids to play. The covered front porch leads you into the impressive foyer with the utmost feelings of home sweet home! The main floor is perfect for entertaining with an inviting, bright & spacious open concept layout, the eat-in kitchen offers a delightful centre island with breakfast bar, stylish extended cabinetry, under valance lighting, S/S appliances & W/I pantry! Main floor laundry / mud room has access to the double car garage which is fully insulated with an epoxy coated floor, gas line for heater + a 220V for welder. Impressive oak staircase to 2nd level is exquisite, the primary bedroom is luxurious with an en-suite & W/I closet; 3 generously sized bedrooms & a stylish full bathroom to boot! Designer neutral paint tones & custom California shutters throughout! Lower level is large & ready for your personal touch; let the fun begin! Steps to Bellmore P.S, Fairgrounds 19 Ac park, library, shops & more! This is a spectacular find; its time to make this home your new lifestyle today & for years to come! Let us make it SIMPLE for you: Book an appointment today! R.S.A. (id:16625)

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2134

Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services

For sale
43 BELAND Avenue S, hamilton, Ontario

43 Beland Avenue S

Hamilton, Ontario

Great South East Location! Large living room, main floor bedrooms & 4pce bath. New granite countertops, plus new Stainless-Steel Fridge, Stove and Built-In Dishwasher. Dining room off kitchen to enjoy family meals and conversation. Lower level spacious family room, 1 bedroom for teenage retreat. Prime location, conveniently close to all amenities, commute easily using the Red Hill & QEW, parking for 1 car. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 830

RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

For sale
5934 HENNEPIN Crescent, niagara falls, Ontario

5934 Hennepin Crescent

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Perfect 3 bed 2 bath bungalow within walking distance to the Falls, close to schools, all shopping, restaurants, and parks, in a 10+ family-oriented neighbourhood. Carpet free throughout with a great updated kitchen, large living area with big windows, sliding doors to nice landscaping. Gas fireplace. Furnace, A/C and washer & dryer 6 years old and the roof under 4 years old. Windows updated in the last 10 years. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1178

RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

For sale
9 1 PEEBLES Street, caledonia, Ontario

9 1 Peebles Street

Caledonia, Ontario

Welcome to this 2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom condo townhome just steps from the Grand River. Walking distance to downtown Caledonia, trails, and a short drive to Hamilton Airport and Highway 403. The main floor living room boasts a large bay window with a stunning view of the Grand River. Large master bedroom complete with ensuite, walk in closet and bay window. Second bedroom and second full bathroom on the top floor. Walkout to the backyard patio from the sunlit family room. Finished basement with laundry room and 2 piece bathroom. Dont miss out! . (id:16625)

2 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1317

Right At Home Realty Inc.

For sale
117 CHRISTMAS Street, port colborne, Ontario

117 Christmas Street

Port Colborne, Ontario

Welcome home to 117 Christmas Street, just as adorable as the name! Lovingly cared for, this cozy 3 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow, with a large detached garage, comes with many updates. The eat-in kitchen exudes charm with updated shaker style kitchen cabinet doors, black appliances, and access to the large covered front porch. Fabulous renovated basement with pot lights, beautiful vinyl flooring and a spacious laundry room. Outside you'll find a fully fenced yard with a poured concrete patio and pergola to enjoy in the warmer months. Some recent updates: upstairs windows (2016), roof (2015), furnace/ac (2012), hot water heater (2012), basement vinyl flooring (2020), waterproofed Omni basement (2020), kitchen cabinets (2020), fence (2015). Nothing left to do here except move in and enjoy your new space. 'Tis the season to buy on Christmas Street! (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

Mcgarr Realty Corp

For sale
62 CARTER Street, port colborne, Ontario

62 Carter Street

Port Colborne, Ontario

Opportunity awaits here at 62 Carter Street for first-time buyers, young families or those looking to downsize! This charming 2+1 bedroom bungalow comes equipped with a separate entrance to the basement, a detached garage, and a fully-fenced backyard. Centrally located on the sought-after West side of quaint Port Colborne, nestled just steps away from downtown, parks, local shops, and schools, this property is sure to be a favourite. As you arrive, take note of the long driveway, with enough room to fit 3 cars and the brand-new front porch (2020). Upon entering the home, you are welcomed by a comfortable living room offering tons of natural light that pours in from the ample amount of oversized windows that span the length of the room. Cozy up here to enjoy family movie nights or your morning coffee as the sun slowly trickles in. Beyond the living room you will find two spacious bedrooms both featuring hardwood flooring along with an updated full bathroom. Making your way into the kitchen, just picture it now - sitting at a breakfast nook that is perfectly positioned in the corner of the room under the large window enjoying the meal you just created in this bright and cheery space. Through the kitchen, down the stairs to the basement is where you'll find the homes third bedroom. Additionally, there is a partially-finished room that could be transformed with your own personal touches and could be used as a playroom, office space or recreation room - the choice is yours! Just around the corner from this space is a conveniently-placed two-piece bathroom. Notable updates throughout this home include: all windows (2020), front porch (2020), back deck (2020), fence (2020), exterior doors (2020), exterior painting (2020), and new paint throughout the main floor (2020)! This home is just waiting for a family to call it their own. Book your showing today! (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 790

Revel Realty Inc.

For sale
5781 HIGHLAND Avenue, niagara falls, Ontario

5781 Highland Avenue

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Great opportunity to be your own developer and/or custom custom build your own single family or multi family home. The 120 ft by 150 ft lot size allows for excellent square footage and multiple styles. Located a stones throw to the Lundy's Lane commercial district and 400 highway system. The R2 zoning allows for alternative building opportunities for someone looking at multi residential. (id:16625)

Mcgarr Realty Corp

For sale
2085 FIRELANE 2 ., port colborne, Ontario

2085 Firelane 2 .

Port Colborne, Ontario

Sun rays reflecting off the lake appear in between the properties lining the private road as you make your way to this exquisite property. Pulling into the driveway of 2085 Firelane 2 the picturesque first glimpse will catch you by surprise. This sprawling one-of-a-kind beach house or year-round homestead located on prestigious Lorraine Bay is what so many of us dream of calling home. The original triple car carriage garage is part of the original family waterfront estate with exquisite gardens & grounds, ideal for outdoor enjoyment. This breathtaking compound features a 55 x 25 heated Schwenker Pool surrounded by a resort-like pool deck and an extraordinary 1200 sq ft pool house. Featuring a wet bar, dining area, lounge space, his & hers change rooms/baths, a sauna and more! This 3700 sq ft bungalow offers wall to wall windows on the Lakeside providing extensive water views. Up to 6 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms, many of which open right out the Trex decking and waterfront enjoyment. Open concept living w. wood burning fireplace, dining, wet bar area, and sunroom all with cathedral ceilings offers incredible entertaining opportunities. Separate bedroom wings allow for comfortable multi-family guest accommodations. The kitchen is bright and large, with generous counter and cabinet space, a true delight to cook in and entertain with. The kitchen opens up to a cozy nook & patio doors to waterfront decks. The home offers utility spaces with a large laundry/pantry, and mudroom/closet spaces. The water views are stunning, and the beach truly calls you and your family to enjoy. *Watch the video (id:16625)

5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 3700

Mcgarr Realty Corp

For sale
130 West 28th Street, hamilton, Ontario

130 West 28th Street

Hamilton, Ontario

Bigger than it looks! Perfect West Mountain home for a large family or investment rental! The main floor features an open concept kitchen/living room area, two bedrooms, 5pc bath and at the rear of the home, a large family room with a gas fireplace and pot lighting. The second floor has three large bedrooms and a 3pc bath. The fully finished basement come with separate entrance potential, also features a large kitchen with pantry, 3pc bath, laundry, living room, family room and plenty of storage space. The basement can easily be converted into a 2-3 bedroom rental unit! This home is within walking distance to schools including Mohawk College, parks and has quick access to highways. Call today for your private viewing. (id:16625)

5 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2100

RE/MAX Escarpment Golfi Realty Inc.

For sale
11 2355 HEADON Road, burlington, Ontario

11 2355 Headon Road

Burlington, Ontario

Client Remark: Welcome to 2355 Headon Road Unit 11! This rare semi-detached 3-bedroom condo with 2 1/2 bathrooms is located in a quiet enclave in Headon Forest. This inviting home truly has it all for down-sizers and new buyers alike. The main floor offers plenty of natural light throughout the dining and living rooms with laminate floors and a gas fireplace to entertain friends and family. The kitchen is stylish and modern with glass backsplash, granite counters, and stainless steel appliances. The main floor provides 2 bedrooms with one currently being used as a home office share access to the recently updated 3 piece bathroom (April 2020). Upstairs, the 3rd bedroom enjoys complete privacy with the access to a 4 piece bathroom and over sized walk in closet providing plenty of space for storage. The fully finished lower level received brand new carpet (November 2020) and provides loads of additional space to create a lower level family room or man cave with access to a powder room. The exclusive use backyard is fully fenced providing an additional space to enjoy your home. The home is centrally located near the highways, shopping, schools, dining, Millcroft Golf Course and green spaces. Do not delay in coming to see this wonderful home in Headon Forest. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1694

Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services

For sale
814 551 Maple Avenue, burlington, Ontario

814 551 Maple Avenue

Burlington, Ontario

Beautiful 2 bedroom in the highly sought after Strata building, near Spencer Smith park. Spacious (895 sq ft) & open layout, with eastern exposure. Dark stained bamboo floors. Slate kitchen counters, & SS appliances. This unit is located underneath the Zen garden (no 'upstairs' neighbours). Live the good life, with the amazing amenities that Strata offers you. 24 hr security/concierge, indoor pool/spa (with breathtaking views), games room, gym, yoga studio, rooftop patio & BBQ's, steam room, party room and guest suites. Easy access to highways, public transit & GO. Walk to Lake Ontario, Parks, Downtown Burlington, Mapleview Mall, restaurants & shopping. Parking space #20 (on P2). Locker #59. (id:16625)

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 895

RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.

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$2,800 Monthly
18 NELLES Road S, grimsby, Ontario

18 Nelles Road S

Grimsby, Ontario

Beautiful location, quiet neighbourhood. Immediate Occupancy! 3 Bedroom bungalow, minimum one year Lease. Employment & References required! RSA. NO SMOKING . No vaping/ Small pets preferred. First and Last month's rent, Job Letter/ Paystub. Please email L.A. Rental Application, Proof of Income, Recent Credit Report (Equifax Full) before preparing any offer to lease. Tenant pays all utilities including: gas, water, hydro, hot water heater rental. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1287

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