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For rent
$1,900 Monthly
509 2093 Fairview Street, burlington, Ontario

509 2093 Fairview Street

Burlington, Ontario

Modern 1 Bedroom Condo At The Much Desired Paradigm Condominiums In Burlington. Next To Go Train. Laminate Flooring. Open Concept. Close To Many Amenities Including Grocery, Downtown, Go Train, QEW, And More. (id:16625)

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 587

One Percent Realty Ltd.

For sale Open House
25 CHUDLEIGH Street, hamilton, Ontario

25 Chudleigh Street

Hamilton, Ontario

Welcome To 25 Chudleigh St, in sought after Waterdown location. This lovely family home features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bath and 2609 sq/ft living space above grade. This home includes a heated saltwater pool and beautifully landscaped backyard overlooking a tranquil ravine & a walking trail nestled in a mature green space. The main floor is a traditional layout, with an oversized eat-in kitchen, separate family room, and a living/dining room combination. The second floor offers 4 graciously sized bedrooms and a master bedroom with a walk in and a fully renovated en-suite. The fully finished basement includes an open concept rec room with a custom bar, the entertainers dream. The basement also includes a 3-piece bathroom, laundry, and ample storage space. Within walking distance to parks, grocery stores, downtown, & schools, this home has it all including great neighbours. (id:16625)

4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 2609

Keller Williams Edge Realty

For rent
$1,750 Monthly
109 East 11th Street, hamilton, Ontario

109 East 11th Street

Hamilton, Ontario

Convenient four bedroom family home (upper unit), updated kitchen and bath room, hardwood flooring, spacious car garage. Includes Fridge, Stove, Microwave, Washer, Dryer. Tenant pays own utilities. Tenant to submit application form and COVID-19 Form before showing. Pls provide references, credit report, proof of income/employment letter. Vacant, showing after November 1. Separated entrance to basement can be rented at additional price. (id:16625)

4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1280

Apex Results Realty Inc.

For sale
8012 COLE Court, niagara falls, Ontario

8012 Cole Court

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Welcome to 8012 Cole Court. A rare opportunity to purchase this nearly new home sitting on a premium oversized lot. This home boast 1600 square feet of modern living space with open concept dining room, living room & kitchen. The kitchen features a built-in wall oven, gas cook top and quartz countertops. Off of the kitchen/dining room will lead you to the substantially sized deck with an 8FT privacy fence - constructed 2018. Ideal for entertaining. The master bedroom features an en-suite bathroom, walk-in closets. Numerous upgrades such as California shutters throughout the house, central air-conditioning (2018) Storage Shed (2018). Close proximity to amenities such as thundering waters golf course, shopping amenities and approximately 1.9 kilometres to the QEW highway. (id:16625)

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1600

RE/MAX Garden City Realty Inc

For sale
231 Hess Street S, hamilton, Ontario

231 Hess Street S

Hamilton, Ontario

Don't miss the chance to own this charming well-kept 9-unit apartment building in one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods of Hamilton. Turnkey investment, fully leased with stable income, $115,000 gross with 25% upside. Over $200,000 in capital expenditures in last 5 years (Roof, Boiler, HWT, Drains, Suite Renovations (6 units) etc.). Marketing Brochure available with additional information. (id:16625)


Right At Home Realty Inc.

For sale
113 FRANCES Avenue, stoney creek, Ontario

113 Frances Avenue

Stoney Creek, Ontario

Beautifully maintained freehold townhome attached only at the garage. The spacious open concept main floor boasts lots of natural light and hardwood flooring. The kitchen offers ample cabinetry and overlooks the living and dining room. Upstairs you will find the master bedroom retreat which features a walk-in closet and 3-piece ensuite. Throughout the rest of the upper level you will find 2 more bedrooms and a 4-piece washroom. The basement is unfinished and awaits your personal touches. Enjoy spending times with family and friends in the fully fenced backyard. Just minutes to the lake and easy highway access. Roof 2011 (30yr shingles). (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1400

Sutton Group About Town Realty Inc.

For sale
604 101 QUEEN Street S, hamilton, Ontario

604 101 Queen Street S

Hamilton, Ontario

Ready to get into the market? Looking to downsize or a smart investment? This light filled 1 bedroom, 1 bath suite is ready to move in and enjoy. Laminate and ceramic tile flooring, tall ceilings and open floor plan add to the spacious feel of this home. The kitchen features tiled countertops, ceramic backsplash, large double sink, built in dishwasher and plenty of cupboard space. The large bedroom with ensuite passthrough has 2 closets and enough room for a king-sized bed. Bathroom is ready for relaxation with a deep jetted tub and showerhead. For added living space, the sunporch has been recently insulated and finished with a modern barnboard accent wall for a perfectly cozy den, office space, home gym or even overnight guest! This 6th floor west facing unit has views of Locke Street, the Niagara Escarpment and stunning sunsets. BBQ on the roof top patio, mail delivery to your door, safe, controlled entry, potential to rent a convenient underground parking spot, updated elevators and on-site coin laundry are some of the many features of Queensvilla. Living here you can enjoy easy access to highways, public transportation, McMaster, Downtown Farmers Market, the Waterfront, Escarpment trails and so much more. (id:16625)

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 712

RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

For sale
33 1190 UPPER OTTAWA Street, hamilton, Ontario

33 1190 Upper Ottawa Street

Hamilton, Ontario


3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1130

Homelife Professionals Realty Inc.

For sale
60 GUEST Street, ancaster, Ontario

60 Guest Street

Ancaster, Ontario

This stunning open concept design home has all the finishes you will need and more! Exceptionally located in the Meadowlands of Ancaster, nestled in a quiet corner across from a future park, this home is at a premium location. Newly finished aggregate and stamped concrete walkway and patio along with beautiful landscaping, welcome you as you approach the home. Exquisite rich hardwood throughout the main floor, along with an elegant granite kitchen with upgraded cabinets and crown moulding. Stunning oak staircase with iron spindles as you make your way upstairs. This 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom home boasts a custom walk in closet in the master, second floor laundry, hardwood and upgraded carpet on the second floor, along with granite in the bathrooms, and California shutters throughout. With a fully finished basement featuring a stone fireplace and a modern three-piece bathroom, this home is a must-see. (id:16625)

4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 2066

RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

For sale
28 WINDSOR Circle, niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario

28 Windsor Circle

Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario

Welcome to The Windsor Luxury townhome community located where Gate meets Anne Street in picturesque downtown Niagara on the Lake. Enjoy the short walk to the downtown core on Queen Street, the nearby library and recreation centre, Lake Ontario, the Niagara River, acres of vineyards, the lush greenspace offered by the Niagara escarpment and more. The newly built home by Solmar Development Corp. is complete and ready to be moved into. This floor plan offers 1508 sf of main and second floor living space PLUS approximately 714 square feet in the finished basement. You will enjoy living in this practical end unit bungaloft town complete with main floor master bedroom plus 1 bedroom on the second level and a loft/ upper family room space. The home is new from the builder finished with thousands in upgrades with hardwood flooring throughout main and second floors, glass shower, 2 large egress windows in the basement, most main floor doors 8' high,5 appliances, cold cellar in the basement, rear yard deck, cobblestone drive , landscaped front yard, natural stone counters throughout, pot lighting, a full finished basement with a bathroom, 5 appliances and much more. Enjoy the Southern exposure from the rear yard deck while planning your future backyard oasis. The ownership is Freehold with Condominium common elements/ P.O.T.L. The $117.00 monthly fee includes grass cutting and snow removal and maintenance of the common elements in the community. Just move in and enjoy! (id:16625)

2 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 1508

Boardwalk Group Realty Inc.

For sale
1710 20 Mississauga Valley Boulevard, mississauga, Ontario

1710 20 Mississauga Valley Boulevard

Mississauga, Ontario

Dont miss your opportunity to own this rare corner-unit condo in an incredible location! Pride of ownership is evident in this spacious 3-bed, 2-bath, 1246 sqft unit boasting 2 separate entrances, an enclosed 3-season balcony, in-suite laundry, ample storage, 2 underground parking spaces and low maintenance fees. Lovingly maintained by original owners with large, bright windows, separate dining room, ensuite bathroom and carpet-free throughout. Many updates including kitchen with Corian countertops/backsplash (2010), bathrooms including a walk-in shower in the ensuite (2019), upgraded electrical panel (2017), A/C (2020), washer/dryer (2020) and laminate flooring (2019). Amazing panoramic views from the 17th floor! Numerous building amenities including indoor saltwater pool, sauna, gym, game/party room, bike storage and a secondary laundry room in the basement. Daycare on-site! Conveniently located close to Square One Mall, public transit (bus and subway), grocery stores, banks, parks, community centre, schools within walking distance and more! (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1246

Keller Williams Complete Realty

For sale
19 MICHIGAN Avenue, st. catharines, Ontario

19 Michigan Avenue

St. Catharines, Ontario

Have you ever dreamt of living steps from Lake Ontario in beautiful Port Dalhousie? Welcome to 19 Michigan Avenue. Within walking distance to the lake, the Royal Canadian Henley rowing course, Harbourfront Marina and numerous village shops and restaurants. This eloquent colonial 2 storey home boasts over 2100 sq ft of above grade living with a completely finished basement. This home is enriched with extensive updates throughout including new wood flooring throughout, LED lighting throughout, a brand new open concept custom kitchen with quartz counter tops and island (2020), 3 newly renovated bathrooms (2020), and furnace/AC/tankless water heater (2020). The main floor master bedroom features a self contained ensuite bathroom with walk in closet. Main floor also features main floor laundry and fire place. The second floor of the home has 3 additional bedrooms overlooking site lines of Lake Ontario. The spacious finished basement will allow you to indulge in more entertainment space. This recently severed 66 wide x 106 lot will take your breath away with views of Lake Ontario and the harbour front. Finishing it off, the backyard is complete with new landscaping (2020), a newly fenced yard with new large deck, and a new oversize front porch. This Port Dalhousie century home is a unique blend of classic and new, all you need to do is move in! (id:16625)

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2100

RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd.brokerage
RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd.

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