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For sale
9183 Silver Street, caistor centre, Ontario

9183 Silver Street

Caistor Centre, Ontario

Check out this country charmer! Less than 10 minutes to Binbrook and 10 minutes to Smithville makes this a great place to live! This house offers an amazing floor plan for a growing family. There is a community park just at the corner and the public elementary school is a block away. The basement offers an open concept great for entertaining and a bonus room which is great for an office or a play area. Keep cozy by the fireplace while you kick back and unwind the day. The laundry area offers ample space for storage and lets not forget the 1.5 car garage that has a little hobby area tucked in the back which is great for tool storage. The big windows are great to let in natural light and if you're stuck working from home this is a great place to be. Come and check it out! (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1200

Keller Williams Complete Realty

For sale
4816 JOHN Street, beamsville, Ontario

4816 John Street

Beamsville, Ontario

Built circa 1995, this end unit townhouse is full of potential! Offering approx 1190 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths, siding onto the Bartlett Creek in the heart of Beamsville, this home is well positioned for a family or investor! Currently tenanted and needing some TLC, with a little bit of sweat equity this baby can shine! Photos provided are about 15 years old and taken prior to the current tenants occupancy. 60+ days required for closing. Room Sizes Approximate - we could not measure 2 of 3 bedrooms. Being Sold AS IS, Where Is. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1190

Royal LePage Burloak Real Estate Services

For sale
2 5490 PRINCE EDWARD Avenue, niagara falls, Ontario

2 5490 Prince Edward Avenue

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Bright and Open two bedroom, Two bathroom lovely bungalow townhome located in lovely Stamford Glen. Centrally located with easy access to highway and close to shops, restaurants and hospital. Beautifully finished with granite counters, engineered hardwood in Great Room and Dining Rooms areas - plus cathedral ceilings. Master bedroom features large walk-in closet. Enjoy the main floor laundry room. Basement is partially finished ( framed and ready to go) large and spacious. Outside you will enjoy a lovely view over park, with a deck and Awning (2020). Condo fee is low ($160 per month) and covers grass cutting and snow removal. *** Matterport 3D Virtual Tour to follow Shortly *** (id:16625)

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1375

One Percent Realty Ltd.

For sale
23 IDA Street, st. catharines, Ontario

23 Ida Street

St. Catharines, Ontario


4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1055

RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd

For sale
420 PIHACH Street, pelham, Ontario

420 Pihach Street

Pelham, Ontario

Escape to the Country ! This renovated, 3 bedroom, 2707 sq. ft. 2 story home is on 2.8 acres. Just minutes away from town and all amenities. Large Foyer and wide center hall leads to the beautiful Kitchen with pantry. Spacious dinette area, patio doors leading out to a large 12 x 25 ft. covered deck. Formal Dinning Room, huge Family/Living room, 2 piece bath.Main floor laundry room, with garage assess complete the first level. Hardwood and ceramic throughout. Gorgeous staircase to the second level 11 x 10 ft. Sitting area at the top of the stairs.Master Bedroom with 5 pc. ensuite and 2 other generous sized Bedrooms. 4 piece Bathroom also on the second floor. All Bedrooms have large walk in closets. High quality carpet in all Bedrooms . Attached 2 car wide, 2 car deep, heated garage with back garage door assess, and inside entry . Other features include a high quality blue light water filtration system with 3/4 horse power pump, 2 sump pumps, 2 hot water tanks with lots of exterior lighting. New furnace 2011, AC 2011, 2000 gallon cistern with water level phone app, 50 year Fiberglas shingles 2011 and ugraded 220 amp electrical 2011. Septic upgraded 2009. Walking, snowmobile and ATV trails close by. Don't miss out. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2707

RE/MAX Garden City Realty Inc
Coldwell Banker Advantage Real Estate Inc

For sale
4 1890 Rymal Road E, stoney creek, Ontario

4 1890 Rymal Road E

Stoney Creek, Ontario

Beautiful 2 years new open concept townhouse located in the desirable Summit Park neighbourhood! 3 large bedrooms all with individual ensuite bathrooms, Master bedroom has walk in closet along with a secondary closet. many modern upgrades, beautiful granite counter top, breakfast island, large family room and dinning room on the sec floor. on the man floor there's 3rd bedroom with bathroom can separated into home office with own entrance. unfinished basement with large window and rough in. This freehold townhouse has so much to offer ,close to schools, parks, shopping, Red Hill Parkway, LINC. this one won't last long, book your showing today. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1765

Right At Home Realty Inc.

For rent
$2,350 Monthly
79 28 MARKLE Crescent, ancaster, Ontario

79 28 Markle Crescent

Ancaster, Ontario

New build 3-storey townhome by Dicenzo Homes located in beautiful Ancaster, minutes to 403, major shopping, restaurants, transit, parks, hiking trails, and schools. This end unit boasts an abundance of windows and fantastic sunlight. You will find this 3-bedroom, 3 full bathroom home is perfect for families or young professionals. The ground floor features a full 3-piece washroom and bedroom, on the main floor you will find an open concept floor plan with upgraded fixtures in the dining area and kitchen along with stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, ceramic flooring in kitchen, and vinyl flooring throughout the unit. The third level features 2 bedrooms with full ensuite bathrooms, and laundry. This home will not last. Available immediately. Credit check, references, employment letter, rental application required. Tenant to pay all utilities and water heater/HRV rental. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1405

RE/MAX Escarpment Realty Inc.

For sale
1048 Greenhill Avenue, hamilton, Ontario

1048 Greenhill Avenue

Hamilton, Ontario

This stunning, modern & neutral throughout home offers 4 Bedrooms w/hdwd floors,3.5 Bath,Living room & Dining room w/hdwd flooring, gas F/P, kitchen with a new SS appliances and with the sliding door for the walk-out to a big gazebo and nice fenced backyard for entertaining or relaxing. Laundry room on the main floor, finished basement w/ rec room , full bath and an electrical F/P. Minutes from Hwys, Trails, Schools, Golf/country club, amenities and a new coming GO train. RSA. Offers being reviewed December 12 at 5 pm. Please Register by 3pm. Seller reserves the right to review and accept pre-emptive offer. Attach Sched. B and 801 (id:16625)

4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 2200

Century 21 Insight Realty Group

For sale
19 MICHIGAN Avenue, st. catharines, Ontario

19 Michigan Avenue

St. Catharines, Ontario

Have you ever dreamt of living steps from Lake Ontario in beautiful Port Dalhousie? Welcome to 19 Michigan Avenue. Within walking distance to the lake, the Royal Canadian Henley rowing course, Harbourfront Marina and numerous village shops and restaurants. This eloquent colonial 2 storey home boasts over 2400 sq ft of above grade living with a completely finished basement. This home is enriched with extensive updates throughout including new wood flooring throughout, LED lighting throughout, a brand new open concept custom kitchen with quartz counter tops and island (2020) & GAS STOVE , 3 newly renovated bathrooms (2020 with in floor heating), and furnace/AC/tankless water heater (2020). The main floor master bedroom features a self contained ensuite bathroom with walk in closet. Main floor also features main floor laundry and fire place. The second floor of the home has 3 additional bedrooms overlooking site lines of Lake Ontario. The spacious finished basement will allow you to indulge in more entertainment space. Finishing it off, the backyard is complete with new landscaping (2020), a newly fenced yard with new large deck, and a new oversize front porch. This Port Dalhousie century home is a unique blend of classic and new, all you need to do is move in! (id:16625)

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2400

RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd.brokerage
RE/MAX Niagara Realty Ltd.

For sale
281 NIAGARA Street, welland, Ontario

281 Niagara Street

Welland, Ontario

Looking to build your own home in 2021? Welcome to 281 Niagara Street in the heart of beautiful Welland, ON. Conveniently located with all the amenities, surrounded by schools, library, shopping, YMCA, Welland Flat Works and the Farmers Market. This lot is approximately 31 x 165 feet and is zoned R2. Vendor will install laterals for the service of the Lot, Water and Sanitary. Buyer will be responsible for Hydro and Gas to service site. Buyer to carry out due diligence investigations on the overall viability of the property, the zoning, the ability to obtain a building permit and all other related matters for the purpose of the construction of any and all dwellings on the property. Vendor would consider holding a VTB for a qualified purchaser with 30% down payment. Please call me direct at 905.323.5002 for any other information (id:16625)

RE/MAX Garden City Realty Inc

For sale
122 WEXFORD Avenue N, hamilton, Ontario

122 Wexford Avenue N

Hamilton, Ontario

Welcome to 122 Wexford-This stunning sunlit home has been tastefully redesigned with an engineer and city permits. Updates include kitchen with quartz counters, new flooring and lighting throughout. Power room on main floor with 5pc bath located on the second along with 2nd floor laundry. Spacious master bedroom with large balcony. The main components include Newer, Windows, Doors, furnace, AC, Electrical copper-100amp, updated plumbing, siding, troughs, fascia, soffits and spouts. Enjoy the large deck for entertaining and back yard had new sod laid in September. Conveniently located in the midst of Shopping, transit, Hwys and Go station. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1168

Keller Williams Complete Realty

For sale
128 CAMERON Avenue N, hamilton, Ontario

128 Cameron Avenue N

Hamilton, Ontario

Welcome to 128 Cameron Avenue North. This solid duplex is 1751sq ft and has been under the same ownership for the past 33 years. The home is nestled in the the Homeside community and has been beautifully updated over the recent years. The first unit offers 1 bedroom plus office. Updated kitchen, bathroom, flooring, gas line for BBQ. The second unit offers 2 bedroom, updated kitchen, bath and flooring. Each unit has its own laundry. All main components have been updated. Roof, ply, troughs with gutter guards, soffits, fascia and spouts -(5), Windows and doors (5), Furnace (10), AC (5), insulation (5), each unit is on a 100 amp service all copper with hardwired smoke and carbon (5), plumbing (5), and so much more. The basement has side door entry with high ceilings and steel framing awaiting your finishing touch. The home has received so many updates there is not enough space to list, please contact realtor for full details. Conveniently located in the midst of shopping, transit, and Hwys. (id:16625)

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1751

Keller Williams Complete Realty

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