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5u, n7c, 9265 Ort Road, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6S6 (22285345) | Flynn Real Estate


9265 Ort Road Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 6S6

Waterfront On River Acreage


Great investment opportunity. 65 acres of land with some water front. Utilities very close by and in talks with the city. All this land is located in Chippawa mins from amenities and other major developments. Property must be purchased with residential Pin # 642580062. Mls #40012758. Buyer and agent to do their own due diligence on zoning and potential use and future use. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number 40012775
Property Type Vacant Land
Features Country Residential
Water Front Type Waterfront On River


Basement Type None
Fireplace Present No


Acreage Yes
Sewer No Sewage System
Size Frontage 2065 Ft
Size Irregular 65
Size Total 65 Ac|50 - 100 Acres
Size Total Text 65 Ac|50 - 100 Acres
Soil Type Clay
Surface Water River/stream
Zoning Description Call Lb



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