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pt, lb, z, wh, 8, w, x, 9, 849, qqq, 75, kz, aa, 7, dm, q1s, f6, xrl, sqn, p, 8845 Lundy's Lane Unit# 242, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 1H5 (22275485) | Flynn Real Estate


8845 Lundy's Lane Unit# 242 Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 1H5

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 444
Window Air Conditioner Forced Air


QUICK CLOSING AVAILABLE **All season mobile home** Check out this one bedroom mobile home with a full bath located near all needed amenities, highway access and transit. Ideal for retirees looking to downsize. One parking spot with a maximum of 2 people. Bbq allowed. Pet friendly. Newer furnace (within last 2 years) washer & dryer on site. Community amenities include but are not limited to; kids park & swimming pool. All offers must be conditional upon Scott's camp ground approval with a 10 day period along with 3 references (rental references preferred) **Lot fees are monthly along with a structural tax that is payed yearly** (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number 40012082
Property Type Single Family
Amenities Near By Hospital, Park, Public Transit
Features Park Setting, Park/reserve, Crushed Stone Driveway


Bathroom Total 1
Bedrooms Above Ground 1
Bedrooms Total 1
Appliances Dryer, Refrigerator, Washer
Basement Type None
Constructed Date 2010
Construction Style Attachment Detached
Cooling Type Window Air Conditioner
Exterior Finish Vinyl Siding
Fireplace Present No
Foundation Type Unknown
Heating Type Forced Air
Size Interior 444
Type Mobile Home
Utility Water Municipal Water




Acreage No
Land Amenities Hospital, Park, Public Transit
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Total Text Under 1/2 Acre
Zoning Description Ce


Level Type Dimensions
Main Level Living Room 9'' x 11'1''
Main Level Kitchen 9'2'' x 11'1''
Main Level Bedroom 8'7'' x 11'1''
Main Level Bathroom


Water Available



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