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cpw, w, di, z8, yr4, 88 Sunrise Crescent, Dundas, Ontario L9H 3R9 (22589706) | Flynn Real Estate


88 Sunrise Crescent Dundas, Ontario L9H 3R9

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1550
2 Level Fireplace Central Air Conditioning Forced Air


Bright & spacious 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom family home loaded with updates. Enjoy a fabulous updated kitchen with granite counters, hardwood floors, sun filled living with gas fireplace & dining room with doors to a large deck & treed backyard. The basement features a recreation room with a gas fireplace, tons of storage and 3pc. bathroom. Updates include kitchen/ bathrooms, include shingles (2017), furnace/ AC ( 2017), vinyl siding ( 2017), attic insulation, most new windows & sliding door (2017), garage door (2018), newer gas stove, fridge & dishwasher, exterior side and front door ( 2012). Nothing to do but move in and enjoy living in the quaint town of Dundas surrounded by Dundas Valley Conservation. Longer closing date preferred. Will not last! (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number H4092987
Property Type Single Family
Amenities Near By Golf Course, Schools
Community Features Quiet Area
Equipment Type None
Features Golf Course/parkland, Paved Driveway
Parking Space Total 3
Rental Equipment Type None


Bathroom Total 3
Bedrooms Above Ground 4
Bedrooms Total 4
Appliances Dishwasher, Dryer, Refrigerator, Stove, Washer, Blinds
Architectural Style 2 Level
Basement Development Partially Finished
Basement Type Full (partially Finished)
Constructed Date 1962
Construction Style Attachment Detached
Cooling Type Central Air Conditioning
Exterior Finish Brick, Vinyl Siding
Fireplace Fuel Gas
Fireplace Present Yes
Fireplace Type Other - See Remarks
Foundation Type Poured Concrete
Half Bath Total 1
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Stories Total 2
Size Interior 1550
Type House
Utility Water Municipal Water


Attached Garage


Acreage No
Land Amenities Golf Course, Schools
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Depth 117 Ft
Size Frontage 46 Ft
Size Irregular 46.1 X 117.27
Size Total Text 46.1 X 117.27|under 1/2 Acre


Level Type Dimensions
Second Level 4pc Bathroom 8' '' x 5' 5''
Second Level Bedroom 9' 5'' x 9' 2''
Second Level Bedroom 12' 5'' x 10' 6''
Second Level Bedroom 12' 7'' x 9' 7''
Second Level Bedroom 12' 9'' x 10' 4''
Basement Storage
Basement Laundry Room
Basement 3pc Bathroom
Basement Recreation Room 24' '' x 11' 5''
Ground Level 2pc Bathroom 5' 3'' x 5' 7''
Ground Level Dining Room 11' 11'' x 10' 3''
Ground Level Kitchen 12' '' x 8' 11''
Ground Level Living Room 16' 6'' x 12' 3''
Ground Level Foyer 9' 9'' x 6' 3''



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