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Ontario L9H 5E3 (21943245) | Flynn Real Estate


820 Sulphur Springs Road Ancaster, Ontario L9H 5E3

Other Other Acreage


Rare opportunity! Immerse yourself in this 57 Acre sanctuary in the heart of the Dundas Valley Conservation area. Magical meandering creek winds through a variety of majestic trees. Borders onto the rail trail for biking and hiking. Gentle rolling hills overlook the meadow and orchard. Build and create your own magnificent private estate in this captivating setting. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number H4079644
Property Type Single Family
Neigbourhood Dundas
Equipment Type Other
Features Treed, Wooded Area, Sloping, Ravine, Conservation/green Belt, Country Residential
Rental Equipment Type Other


Architectural Style Other
Basement Type None
Construction Style Split Level Other
Exterior Finish Other
Fireplace Present No
Heating Fuel Other
Heating Type Other
Size Interior 57
Type House
Utility Water Dug Well, Municipal Water




Access Type River Access
Acreage Yes
Sewer No Sewage System
Size Frontage 735 Ft
Size Irregular 735.5 X
Size Total Text 735.5 X|50 - 100 Acres
Surface Water Creek Or Stream



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