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ala, 2, b8e, 33, uxo, 7929 Hackberry Trail, Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 2Y6 (22422460) | Flynn Real Estate


7929 Hackberry Trail Niagara Falls, Ontario L2H 2Y6

4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 2400
Fireplace Central Air Conditioning Forced Air


Your new beginning starts here in Niagara Falls in this new multi-level home with over 2,400 sq.ft of living space for the whole family. This home is situated on a premium lot backing on to green-space with no front facing neighbours. The main floor features 9-foot ceilings with upgraded laminate floors in the hallways and family room. A large, eat-in kitchen with stainless steel appliances, laundry room, bar area with access to rear deck, pantry, powder room and closet space are sure to delight. Take advantage of the fireplace in the family room on those cozy fall and winter nights. Take a few steps up to the second level that is your naturally lit great room complete with laminate floors, 16-foot ceiling and double-doors leading to your balcony where you can enjoy your favourite beverage, a book or take in those breathtaking sunsets. Our highest level in the home features 3 spacious bedrooms and a huge master bedroom with two walk-in closets and ensuite. The master ensuite features a large soaker tub, beautiful tiled walk-in shower, plenty of vanity space and gorgeous ceramic tiles. Completing the third floor area in another 4-piece washroom and linen closet. Other features include a spacious two-car garage with entrance to the home and a large, open basement level to be finished with your personal touches. Make this home yours today. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number 40027254
Property Type Single Family
Amenities Near By Public Transit, Schools, Shopping
Community Features School Bus
Features Southern Exposure, Conservation/green Belt, Double Width Or More Driveway


Bathroom Total 3
Bedrooms Above Ground 4
Bedrooms Total 4
Appliances Central Vacuum - Roughed In, Dishwasher, Dryer, Refrigerator, Stove, Washer, Hood Fan
Basement Development Unfinished
Basement Type Full (unfinished)
Constructed Date 2018
Construction Style Attachment Detached
Cooling Type Central Air Conditioning
Exterior Finish Brick
Fireplace Fuel Electric
Fireplace Present Yes
Fireplace Total 1
Fireplace Type Other - See Remarks
Foundation Type Poured Concrete
Half Bath Total 1
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Size Interior 2400
Type House
Utility Water Municipal Water


Attached Garage


Access Type Highway Access, Highway Nearby
Acreage No
Land Amenities Public Transit, Schools, Shopping
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Depth 92 Ft
Size Frontage 34 Ft
Size Total Text Under 1/2 Acre
Zoning Description R1


Level Type Dimensions
Second Level Great Room 20' x 17'
Third Level 4pc Bathroom
Third Level Bedroom 13' x 11'
Third Level Bedroom 10' x 10'
Third Level Bedroom 12' x 11'
Third Level Primary Bedroom 16' x 11'
Main Level 2pc Bathroom
Main Level Laundry Room
Main Level Dining Room 12' x 10'
Main Level Kitchen 11' x 10'
Main Level Family Room 19' x 12'



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