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656 Niagara Street, Welland, Ontario L3C 1M1 (21525652) | Flynn Real Estate


656 Niagara Street Welland, Ontario L3C 1M1


Excellent for Developers. land development project, Builders, MUST BE SOLD with adjacent property 650 Niagara St for a total of 2.41 acres. Both properties total area is 210' x 500'. Total purchase for both is $1,600,000. Buyer to do due diligence and verity uses for high density residential development. Property is currently a single family home to be sold "as is". Presently rented DO NOT GO DIRECT. Value is in land development. Close to Seaway Mall, Niagara College, Conservation Area, Merritt Island, 3 Golf Courses. Short drive to Niagara Falls, St. Catharines & Port Colborne. (id:16625)


Business Type Residential
Business Sub Type Residential

Property Details

MLS® Number H4071785
Property Type Vacant Land


Basement Type None
Fireplace Present No
Utility Water Municipal Water


Acreage No
Size Depth 500 Ft
Size Frontage 110 Ft
Size Irregular 110 X 500
Size Total Text 110 X 500|1/2 - 1.99 Acres



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