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L7P 0K1 (22486888) | Flynn Real Estate


6475 Mcniven Road Burlington, Ontario L7P 0K1

6 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 3252
Fireplace Inground Pool Central Air Conditioning Forced Air


Beautiful home perfect for a growing family! Gorgeous multiple split level situated on a stunning 1.5 acre private property in coveted village of Kilbride. Offering 3252 sqft of living space including 6 bedrooms, 3 updated bathrooms, gorgeous sunroom with gas fireplace, and office/den with gas fireplace. All of this flows to a lovely living/great room open to 2-storey sunlit foyer. Step out to a most spectacular backyard with enticing salt water inground pool with waterfall and pavilion making entertainment so much easier. Ample luxurious living space with utmost privacy while in close proximity to all amenities, highways, local school, library and Bruce Trail is what makes this package so special. Great value! Let's get you home! (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number H4090824
Property Type Single Family
Amenities Near By Golf Course
Equipment Type None
Features Treed, Wooded Area, Ravine, Conservation/green Belt, Golf Course/parkland, Double Width Or More Driveway, Paved Driveway
Parking Space Total 10
Pool Type Inground Pool
Rental Equipment Type None
Structure Shed


Bathroom Total 3
Bedrooms Above Ground 6
Bedrooms Total 6
Appliances Dryer, Washer
Basement Development Finished
Basement Type Full (finished)
Constructed Date 1977
Construction Style Attachment Detached
Cooling Type Central Air Conditioning
Exterior Finish Brick, Stucco
Fireplace Fuel Gas
Fireplace Present Yes
Fireplace Type Other - See Remarks
Foundation Type Poured Concrete
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Size Interior 3252
Type House
Utility Water Drilled Well, Well


Attached Garage


Acreage No
Land Amenities Golf Course
Sewer Septic System
Size Depth 273 Ft
Size Frontage 160 Ft
Size Irregular 273.54 Ft X 160.09 Ft X 273.50 Ft X 160.45 Ft
Size Total Text 273.54 Ft X 160.09 Ft X 273.50 Ft X 160.45 Ft|1/2 - 1.99 Acres


Level Type Dimensions
Second Level 5pc Bathroom 10' 1'' x 7' 8''
Second Level Bedroom 13' 2'' x 12' 5''
Second Level Bedroom 13' 4'' x 12' 5''
Second Level Bedroom 9' 8'' x 10' 2''
Third Level Storage 11' 10'' x 10' 3''
Third Level Loft 16' 6'' x 11' 9''
Third Level Bedroom 9' 11'' x 12' 2''
Third Level Bedroom 11' 7'' x 13' 11''
Third Level 5pc Ensuite Bath 9' 11'' x 12' 2''
Third Level Primary Bedroom 19' 4'' x 20' 7''
Basement 3pc Bathroom 9' 1'' x 5' 10''
Basement Mud Room 16' 3'' x 8' ''
Basement Laundry Room 6' 9'' x 8' 6''
Basement Family Room 23' 10'' x 10' 8''
Sub-basement Utility Room 10' 3'' x 20' 7''
Sub-basement Recreation Room 13' 6'' x 20' ''
Ground Level Mud Room 13' 4'' x 4' 7''
Ground Level Sunroom 11' 6'' x 25' 8''
Ground Level Kitchen 11' 7'' x 9' 11''
Ground Level Dining Room 9' 8'' x 10' 6''
Ground Level Living Room 13' 11'' x 20' 5''



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