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85x, 1z, 8oq, y, z0i, j, 6, 615 Fothergill Boulevard, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6E3 (22367902) | Flynn Real Estate


615 Fothergill Boulevard Burlington, Ontario L7L 6E3

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1406
2 Level Central Air Conditioning Forced Air


Three bedroom detached home in great family neighbourhood. Easy access to QEW, Appleby Go Station, Lake Ontario, playgrounds, parks and walking trails. Restaurants, cinema, shopping all within walking distance. House features built-ins and engineered hardwood throughout main level. Kitchen opens to covered porch and patio within a fully fenced backyard. Natural gas line to bbq for easy entertaining. Master bedroom has two walk-in closets and en-suite access. Partially finished basement with insulated sub-floor, includes space for an office/playroom/family room, a large workshop with cabinetry for storage and finished laundry room. Rough-ins for central vacuum, basement bathroom & fireplace. Large garage with high ceiling for extra storage. Roof replaced in 2011, furnace and A/C 2012. On-demand gas water heater is a rental. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number H4088104
Property Type Single Family
Equipment Type Water Heater
Features Double Width Or More Driveway, Paved Driveway, Sump Pump
Parking Space Total 5
Rental Equipment Type Water Heater
Structure Shed


Bathroom Total 2
Bedrooms Above Ground 3
Bedrooms Total 3
Appliances Dishwasher, Dryer, Refrigerator, Stove, Washer, Oven
Architectural Style 2 Level
Basement Development Partially Finished
Basement Type Full (partially Finished)
Constructed Date 1994
Construction Style Attachment Detached
Cooling Type Central Air Conditioning
Exterior Finish Brick
Fireplace Present No
Foundation Type Poured Concrete
Half Bath Total 1
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Stories Total 2
Size Interior 1406
Type House
Utility Water Municipal Water


Attached Garage


Acreage No
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Depth 116 Ft
Size Frontage 32 Ft
Size Irregular 32.81 X 116.8
Size Total Text 32.81 X 116.8|under 1/2 Acre
Soil Type Clay, Loam
Zoning Description Residential


Level Type Dimensions
Second Level 4pc Bathroom 9' 3'' x 7' 7''
Second Level Bedroom 9' 3'' x 10' 3''
Second Level Bedroom 12' 9'' x 9' 3''
Second Level Master Bedroom 16' 3'' x 9' 11''
Basement Laundry Room 17' 4'' x 5' 3''
Basement Workshop 19' 1'' x 12' 10''
Basement Recreation Room 19' 10'' x 13' ''
Ground Level 2pc Bathroom
Ground Level Kitchen 19' 11'' x 9' 11''
Ground Level Living Room/dining Room 21' 3'' x 10' 1''



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