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Place, Grimsby, Ontario L3M 0G6 (22251860) | Flynn Real Estate


502 10 Concord Place Grimsby, Ontario L3M 0G6

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 714
Central Air Conditioning Forced Air



$340.44 Monthly

Spectacular views in the state-of-the-art Aqua Blu condos! This 5th floor unit offers a spacious bedroom with walk in closet, good sized den, kitchen with S/S appliances, 10ft ceilings and bathroom with upgraded stand up glass shower. Walk to trendy Grimsby On The Lake restaurants, shops and cafes, lakefront walking trails. Short drive to QEW, Costco. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number H4085745
Property Type Single Family
Equipment Type None
Features Balcony
Parking Space Total 1
Rental Equipment Type None


Bathroom Total 1
Bedrooms Above Ground 1
Bedrooms Total 1
Amenities Exercise Centre, Party Room
Basement Development Unfinished
Basement Type None (unfinished)
Constructed Date 2017
Construction Material Concrete Block, Concrete Walls
Cooling Type Central Air Conditioning
Exterior Finish Concrete
Fireplace Present No
Foundation Type Poured Concrete
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Stories Total 1
Size Interior 714
Type Apartment
Utility Water Municipal Water


No Garage


Acreage No
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Irregular X
Size Total Text X
Zoning Description C4


Level Type Dimensions
Ground Level Master Bedroom 11' 2'' x 10' 9''
Ground Level Living Room 13' 2'' x 11' 9''
Ground Level Kitchen 9' 2'' x 9' 5''
Ground Level 3pc Bathroom
Ground Level Den 8' 1'' x 7' ''



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