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394 Christie Street, Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4J7 (22601639) | Flynn Real Estate


394 Christie Street Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4J7

3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1494
Bungalow Fireplace Central Air Conditioning Forced Air


A classic, spacious raised ranch in walking distance to town, restaurants,shops, beach, QEW. A few minute drive to Go bus Station, shortly to become Go station. Grimsby offers many school options too. This home is not only well located but also well updated: Newer Electrical Breaker Panel, windows, Furnace/AC, shingles. This 3 bedroom 2 bath lends itself well to an in-law suite or Air B&B with a private entrance at rear. If not, enjoy the family room with gas Fireplace for yourself and all the extra possibilities and comforts of the downstairs finished spaces. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number 40042575
Property Type Single Family
Amenities Near By Beach, Hospital, Marina, Park, Place Of Worship, Schools, Shopping
Community Features Community Centre
Equipment Type Water Heater
Features Park Setting, Park/reserve, Beach, Automatic Garage Door Opener
Parking Space Total 4
Rental Equipment Type Water Heater


Bathroom Total 2
Bedrooms Above Ground 3
Bedrooms Total 3
Appliances Dishwasher, Window Coverings
Architectural Style Bungalow
Basement Development Finished
Basement Type Full (finished)
Constructed Date 1977
Construction Style Attachment Detached
Cooling Type Central Air Conditioning
Exterior Finish Aluminum Siding
Fireplace Present Yes
Fireplace Total 1
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Stories Total 1
Size Interior 1494
Type House
Utility Water Municipal Water


Attached Garage


Access Type Highway Access, Highway Nearby, Rail Access
Acreage No
Fence Type Partially Fenced
Land Amenities Beach, Hospital, Marina, Park, Place Of Worship, Schools, Shopping
Sewer Sanitary Sewer
Size Depth 94 Ft
Size Frontage 52 Ft
Size Total Text Under 1/2 Acre
Zoning Description R1


Level Type Dimensions
Lower Level Office 15'40'' x 14'00''
Lower Level Office 14'40'' x 11'00''
Lower Level Utility Room 18'60'' x 11'10''
Lower Level 3pc Bathroom
Lower Level Family Room 21'10'' x 11'90''
Main Level 5pc Bathroom
Main Level Bedroom 11'70'' x 9'00''
Main Level Bedroom 11'70'' x 10'60''
Main Level Primary Bedroom 14'80'' x 11'00''
Main Level Living Room 20'50'' x 11'80''
Main Level Dining Room 11'10'' x 10'00''
Main Level Bonus Room 10'60'' x 7'30''
Main Level Kitchen 10'60'' x 9'50''


Electricity Available
Natural Gas Available
Telephone Available



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