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lpz, w, 4e, 3, od, auv, g3, py, d, s, rt, w6z, v, e8x, 5ye, kv, 3n, ka, o5l, gw, 4, m, 287 Brock Road, Flamborough, Ontario L9H 5H2 (22379063) | Flynn Real Estate


287 Brock Road Flamborough, Ontario L9H 5H2


Build Your Dream Home on a mature treed lot in Popular Greensville Area! Just Mins to Downtown Dundas. Nature Lover's Dream close to Websters and Tews Falls, Walking Trails, and Dundas Valley Golf Club. Short Drive to McMaster University, Waterdown and 403 Hwy Access. Property and House Being Sold "As Is", "Where Is". Buyer to Verify All Information. A Diamond in the Rough! Buyer to verify all info including uses, zoning, taxes, lot size etc. Call listing agent for more details. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number H4088418
Property Type Vacant Land


Basement Type None
Fireplace Present No


Acreage No
Size Depth 96 Ft
Size Frontage 90 Ft
Size Irregular 90.81 X 96.26
Size Total Text 90.81 X 96.26|under 1/2 Acre



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