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fp0, ny2, hmt, 16r, 9xz, yx, s, a, 68, jgl, on, g2f, 2, 2, 27 Edenrock Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 0G6 (22347645) | Flynn Real Estate


27 Edenrock Drive Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 0G6

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1447
3 Level Central Air Conditioning Forced Air


Welcome home to 27 Edenrock, a charming Losani built FREEHOLD townhouse with no road fees. This fully above grade home boasts pride of ownership. Step up to the modern open concept main floor including an eat-in kitchen, stainless steel appliances and a sliding door leading to a great balcony that overlooks the beautiful newly updated backyard. Upper level offers 2 comfortable bedrooms and a 4 piece bathroom plus bonus bedroom level laundry. Lower level offers a fully finished living space with a washroom and a walk-out to backyard. Situated on a quiet family rich street next to newer top rated schools in the highly desirable Winona community. A short drive to Confederation GoStation and HWY. Walking distance to Fifty Point Conservation Area, Costco, restaurants, Winona Park/splash pad, Marina, and many more. Other features include: New Fully Fenced in Backyard with Gazebo and Storage Shed, Hardwood flooring in living room, roughed in central vacuum, single car garage & 2 car driveway. At this price and in this location it will not last on the market for long. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number H4083256
Property Type Single Family
Amenities Near By Golf Course, Hospital, Public Transit, Marina, Recreation, Schools
Community Features Community Centre
Equipment Type Water Heater
Features Park Setting, Park/reserve, Conservation/green Belt, Golf Course/parkland, Beach, Paved Driveway, Country Residential, Gazebo, Automatic Garage Door Opener
Parking Space Total 3
Rental Equipment Type Water Heater
Structure Shed


Bathroom Total 2
Bedrooms Above Ground 2
Bedrooms Total 2
Appliances Dishwasher, Dryer, Microwave, Refrigerator, Stove, Washer & Dryer, Blinds, Window Coverings
Architectural Style 3 Level
Basement Development Finished
Basement Type Full (finished)
Constructed Date 2012
Construction Style Attachment Attached
Cooling Type Central Air Conditioning
Exterior Finish Aluminum Siding, Brick, Metal, Vinyl Siding
Fireplace Present No
Foundation Type Poured Concrete
Half Bath Total 1
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Stories Total 3
Size Interior 1447
Type Row / Townhouse
Utility Water Municipal Water


Attached garage
Inside Entry


Acreage No
Land Amenities Golf Course, Hospital, Public Transit, Marina, Recreation, Schools
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Depth 93 Ft
Size Frontage 14 Ft
Size Irregular 14.76 X 93.5
Size Total Text 14.76 X 93.5|under 1/2 Acre


Level Type Dimensions
Second Level Living Room 14' 4'' x 20' 8''
Second Level Eat In Kitchen 10' 3'' x 14' 6''
Second Level Foyer
Third Level Laundry Room
Third Level 4pc Bathroom
Third Level Bedroom 14' 4'' x 10' 10''
Third Level Master Bedroom 14' 4'' x 12' 10''
Ground Level 2pc Bathroom
Ground Level Recreation Room 14' 4'' x 10' 10''


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