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Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4X8 (22330627) | Flynn Real Estate


16 Driftwood Court Grimsby, Ontario L3M 4X8

1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 1000
Fireplace Central Air Conditioning Forced Air

$1,600 Monthly

Clean and impeccably kept lower level apartment in an upscale area near a park, hospital, and chuches. Quiet area of executive homes. Located at one of the court ends of the street. Easy highway access. A rental unit like this doesn't come available very often in a lovely area of single family homes. One bedroom unit rental includes separate entrance, separate laundry, large 4 piece bath. Heat, hydro, water, cable tv are all included in the monthly rent. Don't miss this beauty. Square footage from owner not verified. Room sizes approximate. (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number H4087421
Property Type Single Family
Amenities Near By Hospital
Community Features Quiet Area
Equipment Type None
Features Park Setting, Park/reserve, Double Width Or More Driveway, No Pet Home
Parking Space Total 1
Rental Equipment Type None


Bathroom Total 1
Bedrooms Below Ground 1
Bedrooms Total 1
Basement Development Finished
Basement Type Full (finished)
Cooling Type Central Air Conditioning
Exterior Finish Brick
Fireplace Fuel Gas
Fireplace Present Yes
Fireplace Type Other - See Remarks
Foundation Type Poured Concrete
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Stories Total 1
Size Interior 1000
Type Apartment
Utility Water Municipal Water


No Garage


Acreage No
Land Amenities Hospital
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Irregular X
Size Total Text X|under 1/2 Acre


Level Type Dimensions
Basement Laundry Room
Basement 4pc Bathroom
Basement Bedroom 19' 6'' x 9' 1''
Basement Family Room 21' '' x 12' 2''
Basement Dining Room 9' 4'' x 7' 7''
Basement Kitchen 11' 9'' x 11' ''



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