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px, jq, wgw, ql, 3, n, 7r, c, o43, 5, yjr, hb, p, r, 15 Forsythe Street, Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 1W8 (22495782) | Flynn Real Estate


15 Forsythe Street Fort Erie, Ontario L2A 1W8

2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 858
None Forced Air


Darling home located in southend of Fort Erie! Walk down the street and enjoy the beautiful views of the lake that this town has to offer. Single level home featuring 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. Laundry located in the utility room. Detached single car garage and a quiet backyard that is fully fenced in. Live in a prime location, walking distance to restaurants and uptown. close to the Peace Bride, QEW and all amenities. Tenant is leaving require 24 hours notice for showings (id:16625)

Property Details

MLS® Number 40033751
Property Type Single Family
Amenities Near By Hospital, Marina, Park, Schools
Equipment Type Water Heater
Features Park Setting, Park/reserve
Rental Equipment Type Water Heater


Bathroom Total 1
Bedrooms Above Ground 2
Bedrooms Total 2
Basement Type None
Constructed Date 1903
Construction Style Attachment Detached
Cooling Type None
Exterior Finish Brick, Stone
Fireplace Present No
Heating Fuel Natural Gas
Heating Type Forced Air
Stories Total 2
Size Interior 858
Type House
Utility Water Municipal Water


Detached Garage


Access Type Highway Nearby
Acreage No
Land Amenities Hospital, Marina, Park, Schools
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Depth 91 Ft
Size Frontage 52 Ft
Size Total Text Under 1/2 Acre
Zoning Description R2


Level Type Dimensions
Main Level 4pc Bathroom
Main Level Utility Room 5'00'' x 5'00''
Main Level Dining Room 9'00'' x 10'00''
Main Level Kitchen 15'00'' x 7'00''
Main Level Bedroom 10'00'' x 12'00''
Main Level Bedroom 10'00'' x 9'00''
Main Level Living Room 16'08'' x 9'00''
Main Level Mud Room 7'00'' x 5'00''



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