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vg, f8a, vhj, 2n, y2w, z, 8, a3, nlc, 9, rd, rg, sk, iar, t7, j, c5l, wi, n, s38, r, t, v2, 1, 100 Parkside Drive, Waterdown, Ontario L0R 2H5 (21661376) | Flynn Real Estate


100 Parkside Drive Waterdown, Ontario L0R 2H5



Just over 5 Acre Development site, in the heart of Flamboroughs newly approved Business Park. Construction for road access is underway. Approx 4 out of 5 acres are Zoned M2 & M3 ((( General and Prestige Business Park ))), permitting a variety of uses including Medical Marijuana Growing and Harvesting Facility, Animal Shelter, Building or Contracting Supply Business, Dry Cleaning Plant, Gymnastics Studio, Surveying, Engineering, Planning or Design Businessjust to name a few. Located near Hwys 5 & 6, with extensive transportation routes, close proximity to the U.S. border and one of the largest Canadian markets, Greater Toronto, this location offers an excellent investment for businesses. Flamboroughs business and residential qualities have created the fastest growing community within the new City of Hamilton. A complete list of permitted uses is available. An Aerial video showcasing the property and surrounding area can be viewed by clicking on the Multimedia button above. (id:16625)


Business Type Industrial
Business Sub Type Industrial

Property Details

MLS® Number H4073799
Property Type Vacant Land
Neigbourhood Waterdown
Amenities Near By Public Transit
Features Treed, Wooded Area, Conservation/green Belt


Basement Type None
Fireplace Present No
Utility Water Municipal Water


Acreage Yes
Land Amenities Public Transit
Sewer Municipal Sewage System
Size Depth 742 Ft
Size Frontage 224 Ft
Size Irregular 715 Ft X 224 Ft X 742 Ft X 407 Ft
Size Total Text 715 Ft X 224 Ft X 742 Ft X 407 Ft|5 - 9.99 Acres
Zoning Description M2, M3, P5.



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