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dvj, tr, u3, 9, o, 9vy, y, lx, f, a, mf5, kxn, nn, 0a, 3ls, cez, e65, pv, blog | Flynn Real Estate

Mortgage “Stress Test”… how will real estate be affected.

So first off, lets go back to October 17, 2016. The Canadian government introduced it’s new mortgage lending rules that mainly targeted home buyers with less than 20% down. Some argue, (and I agree) this affected the most vulnerable first time home buyers from getting into the market by introducing the first stress test where […]

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How’s the market???

As we all know the Southern Ontario real estate market has been insanely active from 2016 to 2017.  The government intervened in April 2017 with their fair housing plan to cool the market.  While this plan isn’t perfect by any means it did seem to trigger the tipping point for home prices. Since then in […]

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How to sell your home FAST and for the HIGHEST price

Isn’t this what everybody wants? Actually you’d be surprised. While the majority of home sellers want a quick sale there are some who’d prefer a longer time frame before they make their move. For those of you who do want that quick sale, I’ve put together a list of the most important things you’ll need […]

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